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Yubikey Apache Plugin

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With mod_authn_yubikey you can protect your website with a basic auth mechanism (the username password popup box), just more secure 😉

Buy a Yubikey

The mod_authn_yubikey module is an authentication provider for the apache 2.2 platform. It leverages the YubiKey which is a small token that acts as an authentication device. By enabling your apache installation with this module you can use your YubiKey for authentication with your website.

The mod_authn_yubikey module provides one and two factor authentication for your website and is completely independend from the technlogy that implements your website (like CGI, JSP or PHP).

In your backend application you can read the HTTP_X_YUBI_AUTH_TYPE header, which is either OneFactor or TwoFactor stating that the user authenticated using either just the Yubikey itself or in conjunction with an additional password, where TwoFactor would be sent instead.

How it started

The reason for initially developing the module is maybe somewhat interesting. It all began with me telling a friend (Robert Ott from Clavid) that i heard of this super cool security token on the Security Now! podcast and that this would be the perfect fit for him, as he is a swiss OpenID provider supporting lots of different authentication mechanisms.

After evaluating the device he asked me if he should order me such a device too, thankfully i agreed to this. A few days (maybe weeks) later he donated the token to me, and there i stood, having this incredibly cool token, but not really a good use for it … and that’s were mod_authn_yubikey started …

– Jens Frey, August 31th, 2008