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The Data Pile: Creating A Simple Plugin Mechanism In Java

Filed Under (c0ding, java, Netbeans) by j on 02-06-2013

Overview Our goal is to create a simple plugin mechanism in Java. On top of that we want our execution environment to be divided into three distinct phases. These phases are named: PRE_PROCESS PROCESS POST_PROCESS This will allow us to run certain plugins at specific phases during program execution. So if a plugin is for […]

Coffeecrew Upgrade 2013

Filed Under (Info) by chris on 27-04-2013

Es ist vollbracht! Ohne größere Probleme haben wir heute unseren 4ten Serverumzug hinter uns gebracht. Die wichtigste Neuerung ist der ActiveSync Support von Zimbra.

Die Serverdaten im Überblick:

Eingehender Server:   mail.coffeecrew.org   Port: 993 (SSL)  Typ: IMAP
Ausgehender Server:   mail.coffeecrew.org   Port: 465 (TLS)

Das CA-Zertifikat für den Desktop gibt es hier zum Download.

Für iOS Devices gibt es hier das Konfigurationsprofil . In Safari angeklickt erscheint folgender Wizard:


The Data Pile: Grenade – Cover Version

Filed Under (music) by j on 31-12-2011

For the first time ever I am on YouTube! So feel free to check out the cover version of Bruno Mars’ song “Grenade”.

Hope you enjoy it!

The Data Pile: Unser Lied (by Jay Feather)

Filed Under (music) by j on 25-09-2011

The Description English version see below please. Deutsch Dieses Lied hab ich für die Hochzeit zwischen Ilka und Alexander geschrieben. Ich hoffe beide werden eine lange Zeit Freude an diesem Lied haben. Für alle die es nicht mitbekommen, bzw. es versäumt haben den Titel bereits an der Hochzeit zu kaufen findet sich unten ein Paypal […]

The Data Pile: Goondown (by Jay Feather)

Filed Under (music) by j on 18-02-2011

Just playing around with the software, seems to be a mix between Trance and Easy Listening …

The Data Pile: Goodbye (by Jay Feather)

Filed Under (music) by j on 30-01-2011

The song:

The lyrics:

Continue reading: Goodbye (by Jay Feather)

The Data Pile: Use your own website as OpenID login

Filed Under (openid, security) by j on 12-11-2010

This article will show you how to use the OpenID delegation feature which allows you to use your own domain as an identifier for OpenID.Continue reading: Use your own website as OpenID login

CA changes

Filed Under (Info) by j on 06-11-2010

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the CA didn’t turn out to be right, so this is another approach 🙂

You should download the currently valid CA certificate.

The Data Pile: Roller template

Filed Under (general, roller) by j on 04-11-2010

Since there has been some interest in the roller template that i have designed, i decided to upload it here, so you can freely use it. You probably want to exchange the pictures and if you do have to modify any of them template files, i suggest taking a deeper look into the template guide. […]

The Data Pile: Customizing Emacs

Filed Under (emacs, general) by j on 04-11-2010

Some of you might be forced to spent nearly the whole day in a texteditor like e.g. emacs to do their work. This usually is especially true for developers, that have to write code the whole day and therefore are forced to look into theier editor the whole day. So why not customize it a […]